Should I go with vinyl instead of wood? Why are wood prices so high?


Both are common questions from someone seeking a fence. Most customers are first time fence buyers or at most, they purchased a fence, but it was decades ago. So, lets cover a couple of the basics to hopefully help you with your next fence purchase.

Wood vs Vinyl:

It is no secret that wood prices have soared over the last two years. Basically, a perfect storm happened. The wood market was already falling behind (pre covid) and once Covid hit, the market exploded. It was a combination of home improvement projects and an increase in new homes being developed due to the low interest rates. Forbes recently wrote an article (see bottom of post for link to Forbes article) discussing the increase in lumber. Per their research, lumber prices are not expected to drop for another 2-3 years. But does this mean wood cost more than vinyl now? No.

Unfortunately, wood is not alone with the increase in product cost. Vinyl, though not as great as wood increases, has also had significant increases and shortages throughout the last 2 years. At the end of the day decisions are still be made on the same important factors.

    1. What are you after? If you are seeking minimum maintenance with a fence that will look just as good in 5,10,15…+ years down the road. Then vinyl is likely the right product for you. Just make sure to understand what vinyl you are purchasing. There a lot of manufactures out there. And some significant differences in Pro products on the market.
    2. Budget? Our typical discussing with a customer is “If vinyl fits the budget, then it’s absolutely worth it if this is your long-term home”. As previously stated, a wood fence is cheaper than a vinyl fence and ultimately it sometimes comes down to that. At the end of the day, most of us have a budget in mind. And if you have no clue what to budget out for a fence, use the “Price you fence” tool on our website. We also offer financing which can often help with the purchase no matter what you decide.
    3. Finally, aesthetics! This is up to you the buyer. Check out our photos on our website and on Facebook to hopefully help you decide what you like the most.

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